Back in 2019 : A Journey inward

I have not written in a while and perhaps all my followers have waited and waited for a new post and gotten tired of waiting for me. Ah well, its been rough. I have had many experiences and law school and service have both been demanding on their own end.

I am back for good this time so, please stay tuned.

It is a year of great possibilities and personally it is my year of becoming. Over the span of these remaining months I will share with you in detail the many things that life has thrown at me, at you and all of us. We are kindred spirits united by a common purpose; living. And live we shall.

I have been somewhere in Nigeria, in the place where the winds meet the dust. It is a place of calm wonder. The type that makes one crave for okpa and not find any. It is a place in which one's soul is freed from his body to wander the chilly wilderness until the hot sun resumes her position in the center of the sky.

I know this place will birth something in me, although I am yet uncertain what and to what extent.

I know however that some things will remain constant; my memory and my ability to recall.

See you on the other side of tomorrow,

Yours truly,

Somewhere in Nigeria, 2019.


  1. Cool beginning, more ink to your pen. May the okpa you crave for locate you, lol! All the best Sir.

  2. I hope you discover something worthwhile in your stay there... 🙏🙏Sensei


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