Dare me by Uche Osita James

"Mr Man, if you dare me this evening you will receive it hot". 

He warned.

 "Wait ooh are you talking to me", Dozie replied

"Do you know that since before your father was born that I have been dealing with people”. Dozie added.

“What did you just say?" He retorted.

"If you father still has balls repeat what you just said!" he thundered.

 "And  if you are still George repeat what you just said as well".

Dozie threatened,  "I swear you will die this night by my hand".

"You kill me, you couldn’t even satisfy your prostitute girlfriend in bed it is now to kill me". George chipped in.

 "I don't blame you it is because your mother was a prostitute at 'one Nigeria' that you know so much about them". Dozie replied.

 "And your father was the manager at the brothel, he even had to personally test all of them to ensure that their performance was satisfactory" George added.

"You were born in a brothel let’s not pretend you had a somewhat decent birth place, you reek of sexual filth" said a now infuriated Dozie.

 "But still your father died on top of the whore that was your mother and she only had you because you were her first pregnancy" said George casually.

 "You’ ve always had a craving for prostitutes, you left your wife and brought one home" said Dozie.

“I have had enough!” roared George as he grabbed Dozie's throat.

“Your life reeks of failure” said a now choking Dozie as he pummeled blows on George's rib cage.

“You’ re an ass” said George as he released him because of the pain.
“I shall rid your whore spouse of these miserable balls!” said Dozie as he grabbed George's manhood.

“Nooo!”  Screamed George in pain and by the time they were separated, it was too late


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