At  10:00 pm hannah and Nkechi arrived at Orange room.  Inside the party had taken a rowdy turn. Partyers were pulsating to the beats of  Timaya’s “Ukwu”. It seemed like a hybrid of different loud songs playing together, with a crazy sort of rhythm. The Dj was good.
     Suddenly someone smacked her behind and she jumped in shock and turned to meet the grinning Celebrant. She felt like slapping him, today been his birthday didn’t give him any right to do whatever he damn well pleased. Then she smiled. He reached forward and hugged Nkechi as the pleasantries were made. Hannah noticed the way he pressed closer. He seemed to enjoy the feel of Nkechi’s bosom rather the hug . When he reached forward to hug Hannah , she made sure it was a 180 degree hug just to be safe .   
    They entered into the club parting already drunk occupants , passionate couples making out and engrossed dancers to access the bar. Nkechi disappeared without a trace. Hannah couldn’t find her anywhere. After a fruitless search , lost in the throng of passionate dancers Hannah retired to a cushion not too far away from the bar. At first he smell of weed sifted through the air towards her. She ignored the stoned dude sitting beside her. He wanted her attention or perhaps her annoyance because he placed his hand on her exposed laps. She cringed  with disgust, quickly removed his hands and left quietly.
         Some one blocked her . He was dancing slightly and motioning to her to come to dance.  He looked good. He had these perfect dentition ,a cute smile and hazel coloured eyes. She followed him.
      Some minutes later they were in a corner kissing with frenzied passion……….To be continued


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