She pushed him gently at first as he continued to devour her lips, then she became insistent and forcible even and he released her from his strong grip and took steady deep breaths, letting out his pent up passion.
        Hannah stared at him for a second and almost felt the urge to kiss him again. His hazel eyes were tempting, they sparkled a unique light, the sort she had never seen before. “Hannah” she thought to herself  “is it really love at first sight”.
        He seemed to have regained composure, “My name is Joshua” he said with a smile, “my friends call me josh”. Hannah paused , then said “Am Hannah and I kinda like it that way”. “No Han, Nahh” or Ha” she continued then he smiled and she did too.                                    

Can we go somewhere quiet and talk he said, She nodded and then proceeded outside.  

 His car was warm and smelt faintly of Jasmine. The leather seat was caressing to feel and the steering had the perfect feel. Hannah had a thing for cars, this one was sure giving her the vibe.

     He was a half-caste, part Australia and part Ghana. His father was the C.E.O of Yemi Oil and Gas Co, ltd and he was the fortunate first son. They lived in lagos for a while and decided to move to Enugu because they felt staying at a place was boring. He was a Graduate of Mechanical Engineering and was currently awaiting service.

       She listened intently as he told her about his mother and her fussing, he seemed so innocent. They had only known each other a few minutes and here he was telling her all about him but still he could well be lying. 

      “Hannah” he said, “you re beautiful” he continued. “Had he already come to the chyking part”  She thought. As he said this he placed her hands on her exposed thigh………………….To be continued


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