So it is said ,that often times we are without a doubt as to who we are or who we have chosen to be. But there is always this deep conundrum, an innate uncertainty that keeps everyone at mild alert like a market woman against pick purses.  The beauty of our fate is in our inability to ascertain its probable flow, this subtle frustrating element had no doubt being a motivating factor when a person emotively cried out “Que sera sera”.  A phrase that aptly depicted the dire futility in the battle against fate.
     For Hannah these philosophies held no rational water in her shallow thoughts. She was determined to persistently live her life to the fullest despite what little say fate may have about it.
   Hannah walked boldly to the man on a flowing white gown, he had a string of beads on his hand he seemed to the have been interrupted in mid muttering, no doubt religious mutterings. He had a clean moustache adorned on his lips . His eyes were sunken like an ancient Griot who had too much to drink and His head was clean shaven like a newly recruited monk in the order of St Benedict. As she looked at him, He smiled revealing a browned set of dents(the joys of tobacco leaves). She smiled back,  afraid she might hurt his feelings. “Mallam do you have indomie” she asked yes he replied, of course he added for emphasis. His English was rough like one who had been forced to learn because of the nature of his trade and the people he often came across. He quickly fished out two satchets of indomie from the cartoon in front of him and displayed them to her. ”Big or small” he asked. “Two big” she replied and started to leave. “When you dey come back”, he called.  “In some minutes time” she said without looking back and walked away............ to be continued.


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